Straight blade stabilizer
Straight blade centralizers
Spiral Blade Stabilizer
Spiral Blade Centralizers
Specialty subs
Slotted filter, Kelly-hole adaptor, Mud box
SB - product line steel-body bits, PNP – Product line special steel-body
Rock Cutting Tools
Rock Cutting Tool 2
UM POM Additional features
Trading Report August 2013
SOP E Bidding
Sohagpur Environment Clearance Report Apr17 Sep17
service tax
RG East CBM2001 1PhaseIII Oct2017Mar2018
RG East CBM2001 1PhaseIII Oct2016Mar2017
RG East CBM2001 1PhaseIII Apr2017Sep2017.pdf
RG East CBM2001 1PhaseII Oct2016Mar2017
RG East CBM2001 1PhaseII Apr2017Sep2017.pdf
Ranigunj Form V Environmental Statement FY2016 17
Rajmahal Environment Clearance Report Oct17 Mar18
Rajmahal Environment Clearance Report Oct16 Mar17
Rajmahal Environment Clearance Report Apr17 Sep17
PO creation procedure for SPEND
PBG UM FI PAY Down Payment Request against PO
PBG MM UM Service Purchase Requisition
PBG MM UM Service Order
PBG MM UM Service Entry Sheet
PBG MM UM Quantity rate Contracts 001
PBG MM UM Asset Procurement 001
Local order and SEZ documents for ESHL project
Identifying & selecting Managers
How exceptional managers develop
GS06 SAP Indian PO Format
GS03 Manual PR Format
Format for Techno Commercial Tender Invitation others REV5
EStIL NRC Policy
EssarSteel CSR AR 2016 17
EssarSteel AR 2015 16
EssarShipping ShareHolding 20171231
EssarShipping ShareHolding 20170630
EssarShipping ShareHolding 20151231
EssarShipping ShareHolding 20150930
EssarShipping ShareHolding 20150331
EssarShipping ShareHolding 20140930
EssarShipping Q4FY18 Results
EssarShipping Q4 FY17 Results Consolidated
EssarShipping Q3FY2015 Results
EssarShipping Q2FY2015 Results
EssarShipping Q1FY16 Results
EssarShipping Q1 FY18 Results
EssarShipping Policy Sexual Harassment
EssarShipping OutcomeoftheBoardMeeting140218
EssarShipping IM 2011 11
EssarShip RPT Policy
EssarSecurities Shareholding 2018 03 31
EssarSecurities Shareholding 2017 03 31
EssarSecurities Shareholding 2016 09 30
EssarSecurities Shareholding 2016 06 30
EssarSecurities Q4FY18 Results
EssarSecurities Q3FY18 Results
EssarSecurities Q1FY18 Results
EssarSecurities Corp Governance Sep 2016
EssarSecurities Corp Governance Sep 2015
EssarSecurities Corp Governance Mar 2017
EssarSecurities Corp Governance Dec 2017
EssarSecurities Corp Governance Dec 2016
Essar Sustainability Report Final
Essar Steel Policy Against Sexual Harassment
Essar Shipping Voting Report 2017
Essar Shipping Sustainability report 2012 13
Essar Shipping Sustainability report 2011 12
Essar Shipping Q2FY2011 12
ESPLL AR 07 08
Aim to help community
WCU -3,0(Water Container Unit)
Utility lines tray
UTC Product line stabilizers, RR Product Line Reamers
UCP – Product line stabilizers
Tubing subs
Tool joint, Tubing
Tool Joint, Butress
Straight blade stabilizers-reamers, Spiral blade stabilizers-reamers
ESLSecrutanisersReportforvoting 2017 12 30
ESL Whistle Blower Policy
ESL Shareholding 2016 03 31
ESL Directors appointment policy
ESL CodeOfConduct
ESL Code of Conduct
ESL CG Clause 49 Sept 30 2015
ESL CG Clause 49 December 31 2011
ESL CG Clause 49 20170930
ESL CG Clause 49 20170331
ESL CG Clause 49 20160930
ESL CG Clause 49 20160630
ESL AR 11 12
Eshipping shareholding pattern 31may13
EPTCL WRPC Availability 2015 03
EPGL Form V 2016 17
EPGL Compliance Report Oct16 Mar17
EEPDCL AR 2011 12
EEPDCL AR 2009 10
EEPDCL 2018 05
EEPDCL 2018 04
EEPDCL 2018 02
EEPDCL 2018 01
EEPDCL 2017 12
EEPDCL 2017 11
EEPDCL 2017 05
EEPDCL 2017 04
EEPDCL 2017 03
EEPDCL 2016 11
EEPDCL 2016 10
EEPDCL 2016 08
EEPDCL 2016 07
EEPDCL 2016 04
EEPDCL 2016 01
EEPDCL 2015 12
EEPDCL 2015 11
EEPDCL 2015 06
EEPDCL 2015 04
EEPDCL 2015 03
EEPDCL 2015 02
EEPDCL 2014 12
EEPDCL 2014 09
EEPDCL 2014 07
EEPDCL 2014 03
EEPDCL 2013 11
EEPDCL 2013 10
EEPDCL 2013 07
EEPDCL 2012 10
Health-Safety-Environment-Quality Commitment
Health - Safety - Environment - Quality
Financial Highlights in 2015
Establishing the ERM system
Establish the Enterprise Risk Management System
Environment Protection of Wild Animal
Enhance the ERP Project - Phase III
Efficient management of rig operations
Develop the Science and Technology Fund
Corporate Social Responsibilities
Corporate Primary Targets
Cooperate to develop the macro and local economy
Company profile
Commitment with the Environment - Society - Community
Commitment for the highest service quality
Charter Capital, Shareholder’s Structure
CEO’s Message
Business Plan 2016
Awards and Accolades in 2015
Analysis of 2014 Business Performance
EEPDCL 2012 08
EEPDCL 2012 07
EEPDCL 2012 06
EEPDCL 2012 05
EEPDCL 2011 11
EEPDCL 2011 10
EEPDCL 2011 05
EEPDCL 2011 02
EEPDCL 2011 01
EEPDCL 2010 12
EEPDCL 2010 09
EEPDCL 2010 02
EEPDCL 2009 10
EEPDCL 2009 08
EEPDCL 2009 06
EEPDCL 2009 05
ECL Postal Ballot Notice
ECL Postal Ballot Form
Dissimilar welding selector
Customer Expectations
API672 2004 4th Edition
Amendment of UAE India Double Taxation Treaty
Alternative Standards
2016 July Insight Vikram Amin
2016 08 Steel Insight
nuflo turbine flow meter repair kits
nuflo specialty turbine flow meters
nuflo orifice accessories
nuflo mvx ii transmitter
nuflo mvx ii multi variable transmitter
nuflo gas flowmeter manual
nuflo flo iii flow computer user manual
nuflo automation checklist
newco forged steel valves technical data sheets
navco s20 ball valve flyer
navco s10 ball valve flyer
navco h1l ball valve flyer
navco floating ball valves
navco c1 ball valve flyer
Investment in community development
Introduction of the BOD, BOS and BOM
Implement Cost Optimization and Reduction Project
Identify Material Aspects
Identified Material Aspects
Human resources as the core foundation
HSEQ activities
HR Development policies
HR commitment
HR commitment, Workforce overview
mv 3000 ac drive course flyer
mundial revolucion
mud pump course flyer
ms53 datasheet
mpd ubd virtual hydraulics south texas cs
mpd carbontracker thailand cs
mov chokes
monoline frac fluid delivery system
monoline frac fluid delivery system cs0003
mongoose pro shale shakers pakistan cs
mongoose pro elk city cs
mongoose pro cuttings reinjection alaska cs
modular compact wt system br
mobile hardbanding br
mn ds wellhead system product sheet
meerkat california cs
md 3 lpm recovery cs
md 3 holland cs
md 3 costero mexico cs
md 3 brazil cs
Sustainable Business Strategy
Sustainable Business Model
Strategy and solutions for sustainable development 2015-2020
Stakeholder Engagement
Stakeholder Engagement 2
Scope of Work
Safety Awards Images Sharing
Risks and solutions
Responsibilities and Obligations to Government
Reputable and Reliable Drilling Contractor
Report of the Directors
Report of Supervisory Board
Report of Board of Management
Remarkable Milestones in Establishment and Development
Remarkable History and Milestones (2001 - 2015)
Reinforce Foundation
PV Drilling – 14 years of Establishment and Development
Professionalism in Drilling Workforce
President & CEO’s Message
Performance of Subsidiaries and Associate Companies
Overview of Oil & Gas Industry
Organizational structure
Organizational Structure 2
Organizational Chart
Oil and Gas Market 2014 and Opportunities in 2015
Objective and Orientation for Sustainable Development
Management structure of Sustainable development
Maintaining business efficiency
Maintain the Position as the Pioneer of Vietnam Driller
Manufacturing and QA, QC
Lift Subs
Integral Blade Stabilizers & Hardfacing
Hole Openers
Hardfacing Increase Downhole Tool Life
Facilities & Service Centers
Drilling Tools International
Drill Collars
Contact Drilling Tools International
Company Overview
Business Unit Focus
A Worldwide Drilling Tool Provider
A Legacy of Industry Excellence
Optional Drill Pipe Products
Focused on Customer Requirements
DT Tool Joint Connection Data
DT DS Premium Connections
DT Connections
Customer Focused - Service Driven
Workforce overview
Top Risks at PV Drilling
The information about the 2014 report
The CEO's message
The Board of Directors’ Orientations in 2016
Sustainable Human Resources Management
Sustainable Development Strategy
md 2 south texas cs
md 2 abu dhabi cs
mc iii panel mount data sheet
mc ii user manual
mc ii flow analyzer user manual
maxtorque worm gear products
maxtorque high performance worm gears
maxtorque high performance worm gears spanish flyer
maxtorque high performance worm gears italian flyer
maxtorque high performance gear brochure
mark iii hydraulic training course flyer
lpg pipeline metering technical paper
lpg driver attended loading technical paper
lpac texas cs
lpac lab tests louisiana cs
lpac 3rd party software cs
low profile vertical tree instrumentation efs ps
linco tsc 1000 iom
linco cp 2bd iom
linco cp 2b iom
linco cb 1 iom
lift and slide walking system
lefm 2010 mse moisture separtator drain
lefm 240 280cilt r product sheet
ledeen self contained control systems chinese
ledeen hs series compact actuator brochure
land systems training course flyer
land bop testing services ps
lact measurement technical paper
laboratory workstation labpc datasheet
2-1/8” SS150 Fixed Straight
1-11/16” SS100 Fixed Straight
Steel Thread Protectors, Lift Bails
Sleeve Type Stabilizers
Side Entry & Circulating Subs
Rotary Subs
Roller Reamers
Rentals, Manufacturing and Refurbishing of Downhole Drilling Tools
Pup Joints
Non-Magnetic Drill Collars
kenya case study
jiskoot g6 ps
jaguar class brochure
integrated omv barents sea cs
installation notes gl18 123
inspec sampler controller datasheet
hydraulic roughneck jim 20 flyer
hydraulic roughneck jim 10 t p l flyer
hydraulic mechanical maintenance course flyer
hydraulic extractor brochure
how it works worm gears
how it works switching valves
how it works steam traps
how it works safety as a priority
how it works programmable logic
how it works pressure loss
how it works pipeline pigging
how it works logging and data
how it works gate valves
how it works flow rangeability
how it works energy management
how it works digital valve control
how it works check valves
how it works butterfly valves
how it works ball valves
how it works aga
how it works actuators
how it works 3100 nom
how it works 3100 calculators
high rate mixer product sheet
heavy oil belt case study
hands on course flyer
grove g4n gate valve brochure russian
gl18 122
general valve twin seal plug valve iom korean
general valve four way diverter iom korean
gdx 82 user manual
g6 gas sampler brochure
fuji fcx instruction manual
fuji fcx aiii instruction manual
from maintenance to storage customer property management matters cs0013
fluid swivels flyer
flow meter brochure
floor choke manifold ps
fc fast connect ht wellhead system petromiranda cs
f t90 product sheet
evergreen burner saudi arabia cs
evergreen burner ps
epv expertise brochure russian
entech nozzle check valves brochure russian
3-3/4” P150 XL Short-Fixed
3-3/4” P150 XL Adjustable/Long-Fixed
3-3/4” P150 XL Adjustable/Long-Fixed w/ Flexshaft
3-3/4” P150 SR Adjustable/Long-Fixed
3-3/4” P100 XL Short-Fixed
3-3/4” P100 XL Adjustable/Long-Fixed
3-3/4” P100 XL Adjustable/Long-Fixed w/ Flexshaft
3-3/4” P100 Short-Fixed
3-3/4” P100 Adjustable/Long-Fixed
3-3/4” P100 AD Short-Fixed
3-3/4” P100 AD Adjustable/Long-Fixed
3-1/8” SSS100 Long-Fixed w/ Flexshaft
2-7/8” SSS150 SR Short-Fixed
2-7/8” SSS150 SR Adjustable/Long-Fixed
2-7/8” SSS150 Fixed Straight w/ Flexshaft
2-7/8” SS150 SR Short-Fixed
2-7/8” SS150 SR Fixed Straight w/ Flexshaft
2-7/8” SS150 SR Adjustable/Long-Fixed
2-7/8” SS150 Fixed Straight w/ Flexshaft
2-7/8” FS150 Fixed Straight w/ Flexshaft