Terms and Conditions
Tees and Crosses
Technical Information
Technical Information for Standard Casing Slips
Technical Information for HD Casing Slips
Technical Information - Casing Sizes & Tubing Sizes
Secondary Seals
Multi-Bowl Wellhead System
Material Description
JW-29 and JW-29-L Casing Spools
JW-29 and JW-29-L Casing Heads
JW-22 Casing Spools
JW-22 Casing Heads
J&W Tubing Heads
J&W Services Wellhead Division
J&W Services & Equipment Company
J&W QuickLock
J&W FC Gate Valves
J&W Chokes
J&W Casing Hangers
Integral Union Connectors
Information Required to Order Casing and Tubing Heads
Independent Wellheads
High Pressure Fittings
High Pressure Coned-and-Threaded Nipples
Hammer Unions
Fig. WSP Submersible Tubing Heads
Fig. 612 Tubing Heads
Marine Vertival Control Manifold
Choke Valves
Safety Valves Emergency Unloading Valve
High Pressure Horizontal Pipe
Choke Manifold
Pump Discharge Manifold
The Throttle Manifold
Standard of Management
The Data First
Marine High Pressure Manifold
Control Head (Lift Type, The Type)
Slab Gate Valves BGA Type
Side-Entry Ball Valve SE Type
Positive Choke Type BCP
Cage Control Choke Type BCC
Adjustable Needle Chokes Type BCN
Blowout Equipment OP Model
Annular gasket (UK model)
Annular BOP PUG model
Adjustable orifice CV model
Harris' Catalog
Combination of manifold
Active Elbow
Cross-over Sub and Inregral Joint
Check Valve
Products Harris Petroleum Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
High Pressure Plug Valve
Hammer Union
Introductions of Harris
Yancheng City Harris Petroleum Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd
Flat-plate Gate Valve (PFF Type)
Wellhead Accessories
Top Drive Spare Parts
Top Drive Equipment Tesco and Varco
Spider Elevators, Hinged Casing Spider, Hidraulic Power Units, Tubing Spider
Shale Shakers, Pumps and spare Parts
Power Slips, Spining Wrenches, Rotary Tables, Power Tools Spare Parts
Mud Pump Liners, Valves, Seats, Springs, Inserts, Pistons
Mud Pump equipment National and Gardner Denver Style Suction and Discharge Modules
Manual Tongs, Safety Clamps, Forged Elevator Links, Electrowed Links
Manual Elevators, Manual Slips
Lift Nubin, Kelly valves, Side Entry Saver Sub
Iron Roughneck
Electric Equipment And Control
Drillable Lifting Sub, Pipe Pup Joints, Kelly Saver Sub
Drill Pipe And Casing
Circulating Subs, Crossover Subs
Choke Valves, Gate Valves and Spare Parts Accumulators
Choke Manifold Stations, Control Systems and Spare Parts
Catwalk, Kelly Spinner, Drill Collar Handling Lift Adapter
Casing Heads, Base Plates, Tubing Heads
BOP Equipment And Spare Parts
Adapter Spools, Drilling Spools, Spacer Spools, DSA
About Merum Energy LLC
Wellhead Systems
Wellhead and Completion Products
Mission Statement
General Experience
Company Profile
50 Years in Wellheads
Slab Gate Valves SDS Type
Wellhead crossing frog
Tubing ram (PT models)
Stem lubricator (LS model)
Rigid ram (PG models)
Ram-type BOP PPG model
Ram-type BOP PPG 2 model
Manual BOP PPR model
Manual BOP PPR 2 model
Laterial lubricator (LB model)
Hydraulic Valve VGH Model
Hydraulic orifice CVH model
Hydraulic Control Station SG Model
High pressure hoses
Gate valve (without flanges) model VGF
Gate Valve (VG Model)
Gas Separator model GS-600
Drilling Valve ZBR Model
Drilling Valve ZBB Model
Drilling Kill Manifold Model DМ 2
Drilling Choke Manifold Model DM 2
Discharge manifold (MBN model)
Christmas Tree AFK Model
Christmas Tree AF Model
Choke gate valve VGS Model
Check Valve RV model
Casing head model KGB 3
Casing head model KGB 2
Casing head model KG 2
Casing head model KG 1
What we could produce for your PROJECT
What we could produce for FLOW PRODUCT
Heat Treatment Facilities WELLHEAD SOLUTIONS CO., LTD
Company Overview Wellhead Solutions
Assembly & Pressure Testing Experience
Advantage of using Wellhead Solutions
Wellhead Integrity Support
Wellhead Installation Support
Wellhead Inspection Support
UTB system (Unitized Thru-Bore)
Tubing Heads
Tubing Head Configurations
Tubing Head Components
Tubing Head Adapters
Tubing Head Adapter Components
Tubing Hangers
Tubing Hanger Componnets
Test Plugs and Bowl Protectors
Test & Torque Units
TDS-2 Thru Diverter System
TDS-1 Thru Diverter System
Suspension Adapters
Storage & Warehousing
Slip Casing Hanger Components
Service Technician School (STS)
Sentry Wellhead
Sentry TCM-ET Tubing Heads
Sentry TC-ET Tubing Heads
Sentry TC-EC Tubing Hangers
Custom Products
Conversion Factors
Contour Insert Lip Nomenclature
Connection Types and Nomenclature
Weight of Circular Steel Plates
Terms and Conditions of Sale
Technical Section
Sweep Loss Chart
Sweep Loss Calculation
Studding Outlet Typical Attachment Styles
Seamless Connection Comparison
Product Materials
Pipe Properties
Other Standard Facings
Methods of Connection Attachment
Material Pressure-Temperature Ratings
Large Diameter Flange Specifications ASME B16.47 Series B Class 900
Large Diameter Flange Specifications ASME B16.47 Series B Class 300, Class 600
Large Diameter Flange Specifications ASME B16.47 Series B Class 75, Class 150
Large Diameter Flange Specifications ASME B16.47 Series A Class 600, Class 900
Large Diameter Flange Specifications ASME B16.47 Series A Class 150, Class 300
Introduction to Forged Components, Inc.
Impact Energy Conversion Table
Hardness Conversion Table
General Notes for FCI Flange Facings
General Notes for Connections
Forged Components, Inc Forged Connections for Pressure Vessels
Forged Components Catalog 2008-08
FCI Studding Outlets Class 1500, Class 2500
FCI Studding Outlets Class 600, Class 900
FCI Studding Outlets Class 150, Class 300
Facing Dimensions for Ring Joint Flanges
Samples of Items Produced At Forging Division
Reliable Partnership
Positive Choke & Choking Insertion Piece
Perforation Gate
Konotop Valves Plant
Hydraulic Powered Gate Valve
Gate Valve
Forege and Press Technologies
Dump Spring Valve PN160
Control Valve With Pneumatic Actuator
Christmas Trees
Check Valve PN 320
Wellhead Equipment
Tricones Bits
Liner Hanger Equipment
Kazakh Dutch Company
INtegrated project Management
Equipment Rentals and Used Bits Services
Drilling Optimization
Drill Bits Steel & Matrix PDC Bits
Completion Equipment
Casing Hardware
Casing and Tubing
Bits Repairs
Wear Bushing
Subsurface Safety Valve
Steel Shutoff Valve PN 160
Shutoff Valve PN 100, 160, 400
Shutoff Valve PN 63
Shutoff Unit For Level Indication PN 160
2015 Notice of Annual Meeting & Proxy Statement
HSS Maruichi Leavitt Pipe and Tube
Fairtex heavy lifting brochure
Valve trim Chart
Ording Guide
Operation Principles
OMdel 81 Through Conduit Slab Gate Valve
Model SB Slab Gate Valves
Model S Slab Gate Valves
Model E Expanding Gate Valves
Model 82300 DImensions and Weights
Model 8115 Dimensions and Weights Hand Wheel and bevel Gear Operated
Model 82 Through COnduit Parallel Expanding Gate Valve
Gate Centralizer Operation Principles
Flow Coefficients Value
Certifications and Standards
Body Cavity Pressure Relief
API Material Requirements
API 6D Throught Conduit Slab Gate Valve Standard Features
API 6D Throught COnduit Parallel Expanding Gate Valve Standard Features
API 6D Through COnduit Slab Gate Valve
API 6D Through Conduit Slab Gate Valve Features
API 6D Through Conduit Parallel Expanding Gate Valve
API 6D Through COnduit Parallel Expanding Gate Features
SD Pumps Double acting single air drive head
S Series Single acting single air drive head
MD Pumps Double acting, single air drive head
M-3 Pumps Single acting, triple air drive head
M-2 Pumps Single acting, Double air drive head
M Pumps Single acting, single air drive head
L Pumps Single acting single drive head
GD Pumps Double acting single air drive head
G-2 Pumps Single acting double air drive head
G pumps single acting single air drive head
Air-Driven Hydraulic Pumps
CAMERON Fully Welded Ball Valves Brochure
Breathing Air Flyer
Beyond the Brand
Badger Meter Flow Instrumentation
AutoLocker FX
AutoCrib VLM180
AutoCrib Software
AutoCrib RDS
Australia - Management System
Artificial Lift
2018 Proxy Statement
2017 Proxy Statement
2016 Proxy Statement
Claxton Centralizers at A Glance
Cellar Deck Centralizers
Case Study
First Quarter 2018 Review Key Takeaways
Every Moment is NOW
electrical products and solutions
Edmonton, AB
Dynasonics, ModMAG – Optimizing Oilfield Water
Dubai - DistributionNOW
DNOW UK Ltd (Great Yarmouth)
DNOW UK Ltd (Aberdeen)
DNOW UK Limited, Maclean Electrical Group
DNOW Thru Tubing Surface-to-Surface Case Study
DNOW IR Presentation
DNOW IR Presentation - version 19 - Investor Relations
DNOW IR Presentation - version 19 - DistributionNOW, Inc
DNOW IR Presentation - version 19 - 2016
DNOW in Dubai - Investor Relations
DNOW Code of Conduct - Investor Relations
DNOW Canada ULC (Alberta)
DNOW Anti-Corruption Anti-Bribery Policy
distributionnow.com 1 Q4 NOW Inc. Earnings Call Wednesday
distributionnow.com 1 Q3 NOW Inc. Earnings Call Wednesday
distributionnow.com 1 Q1 NOW Inc. Earnings Call Wednesday, May
DistributionNOW, Inc
DistributionNOW Thru Tubing Flyer
DistributionNOW Orifice Meter RFQ Form
DistributionNOW Investor Presentation May 2018
DistributionNOW Investor Presentation August 2018
DistributionNOW Investor Presentation - Investor Relations
Deliver Exacting Flow Measurements
Deliver Energy to the world
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Daniel Molinaro 281-823-4941 1 NOW Inc
Custom Solutions Electromagnetic Flow Meters
Corporate Governance Guidelines
Coriolis Mass Flow Meters
core offerings
Compensation Committee Charter
Common Pipe Terminology and Acronyms
Coiled Carbon Steel X-Grade Line Pipe
Certificate of Approval - ISO 140012015
Case Study
Capital Valves (Newmarket)
canadian welding bureau
cameron t-30 series
Weld Overlay Capability
Unitized Wellhead System
TYpical Wellhead and Tree Configurations
Tubing Head Adapter Flanges
SureSeal Model N Gate Valve
SureSeal Model M Gate valve
Speed Wellhead System
Single Completion Tees and Crosses
Metal-to-Metal Seals
LG-FB Full Bore (Packerless) Tubing Hanger
LG-CTH External Coiled Tubing Hanger
EWC-WBEN-CL Tubing Hanger
EWC-WBEN Tubing Hanger
EWC & ED-2 Tubing Heads
ED-2-2C & ED-2S Dual Tubing Hanger
E2M Tubing Coupling and Adapter with EWC Wrap-Around Hanger
E2 Secondary Seal
Dual Completion Tees
Drilling Adapters
Choke and Kill Manifolds
C-29 Casing Spools
C-29 Casing Heads
C-22 Casing Spools
C-22 Casing Heads
C-22 and C-29 Weight Energized Seal Slip-Type Casing Hanger
C-21 and C-21-P Manually Energized Seal Slip-Type Casing Hanger
BOP Test Equipment
API 6D Gate Valve
Actuators and Bonnet
Wellhead Maintenance
Valuable Protection
Template For Success
Slim Hole Drill-Through Wellheads
Retrofit Centralizers
Protective Structures
Internal Centralizers
Installation and Tooling Wave Management System
Hot Tapping Valve Boring & Cold Cutting
Full Bore Drill-Through Wellheads
Drilling Templates
Conventional Spool Wellheads
Conductor Guide Centralizers
Conductor Centralizer Installation During Drilling
Claxton Wellhead System Robust High Quality
Claxton Template Instrumental To Tombua-Landana
Water Flood and Steam Flood Equipment
Type MC-29 Casing Hanger and Secondary Packing
Type MC-2C Dual Tubing Hangers
Type MC1 & MC2 Tubing Hangers
THT High Temperature Gate Valve FM Check Valve Chokes
Surface Safety Valves (SSV)
Subsea Xmas Tree Subsea Hydraulic Gate Valve
Subsea Manifold
Steam Injection Wellheads
Single & Dual Tree Caps
Shale Gas Heads Fracture Sleeves Tubing -Fracture Equipment
RTO Wellheads
Pumping Head for PCP Compact Wellheads
Pneumatic Controllers
Pipe Line End Termination Adjustable Telescopic Sub
Mudline Suspension Systems
Model T10BR and T15BR Gate Valve
Model T10 and T15 Gate Valve
Model MIV-E1 Tubing Hanger Tubingless Wellhead Single Adapter Flanges
Model CU Independent Wellheads
MMA Company Group
MCM Tubing Spools and Casing Hangers
MC Casing Heads and Casing Spools
M3 Ball Valve & T5 Gate Valve
Lubricator Plugs Landing Clamp
Landing Base & Casing Production Sleeve