july 16 2007
hazira modular fabrication facility wins ficci safety systems excellence award
fact sheet sep2014
lt bags rs 355 crore orders for delhi metro phase ii
june 03 2005
integrated solutions for the hydrocarbon industry
february 21 2008
engineering centre of lt hydrocarbon engineering receives intergraph international golden valve award 2014
lt bags rs 5000 crore orders in buildings factories segment
june 15 2006
january 17 2007
ewac ci 423
lt bags rs 10 476 million order from railways
july 28 2005
hydrocarbon engg annual report 2015 16
lt celebrates henning holck larsens birth centenary
june 19 2007
january 18 2008
ewac ci 424
lt bags rs 450 crore order for building project in dubai
june 08 2006
january 03 2007
february 26 2007
ewac br 604
lt const press release may 13
lt bags another order from tata steel rs 980 crore blast furnace
L&T becomes First Indian Valve Manufacturer to Secure ASME ‘N’ and ‘NPT’ Certification
july 10 2007
golden peacock award for occupational health safety
ewac st 208 spl
lt chiyoda receives intergraph golden valve award 2016
lnt wins orders value drs 1242 crores
june 27 2005
jaypee ltreleasedm
fraud notice careers
ewac slp 603
lt bags rs 165 crore order for water supply system to greater bangalore
july 29 2005
icai award for excellence in cost management
february 19 2007
lt consortium to restore bombay high output
engineering centre of lt hydrocarbon engineering receives golden valve india award 2013
lt bags 877 crore ongcorder
l t construction wins orders valued rs2442 crs in the telecom segment 1july2014
jul 06 2004
gold award 2018 for gc 30 project of koc
ewac st 206 lh
lnt construction oman road rs155020 crs27022014
lt wins rs 5580 crore ultra supercritical power plant order from ntpc
lt inaugurates automation campus at navi mumbai
lt hydrocarbon engineering s modular fabrication facility hazira received merit certificate from british safety council for 2015
lt earthmover news october december 2007
lt earthmover news april june 2005
lnt construction secures orders value drs1439cr
lt raytheon16feb10 r4
lt hydrocarbon engineering s modular fabrication facility kattupalli mff k won gold award from rospa the royal society for the prevention of accidents for 2017
lt earthmover news october december 2009
lt earthmover news april june 2007
lt valdel wins icc award for engineering excellence
lt hydrocarbon enginnering limited financial 310317
lt hydrocarbon engineering lthe received the american society of safety engineers asse gcc hse excellence award from asse kuwait chapter for 2016
lt earthmover news october 2010
lt earthmover news april 2011
lnt construction secures orders value drs 3057 cr
lt receives rs 1557 cr order for 2 x 800 mw steam turbine generator package from appdcl
lt hydrocarbon engineering s modular fabrication facility kattupalli received the golden peacock occupational health and safety award for 2017
lt golden safety rules
lt earthmover news january 2012
lnt construction rs20522020crs 27022014
lt led consortium bags first overseas airport epc order in oman
lt hydrocarbon engineering s modular fabrication facility kattupalli clinched 4 star rating at the confederation of indian industry cii southern region ehs awards 2016
lt earthmover news october december 2008
lt earthmover news april june 2006
lt strengthens its gcc presence inaugurates systems integration facility at jebel ali uae
lt hydrocarbon engineering wins sap ace award 2014
lt hydrocarbon engineering kuwait received gold award for occupational health safety rospa royal society for the safety prevention of accidents for 2017
lt earthmover news january march 2010
lt construction winsor ders value drs 2683cr
lt rollsroyce010410n
lt hydrocarbon engineering s modular fabrication yard sohar oman was awarded the sword of honour from british safety council for 2014
lnt how den press release with photo 04 may 2010
lt earthmover news january march 2006
lnt constructio nbag srs2164
lt wins award for excellence in power project execution
lt hydrocarboon modular fabrication facility kattupalli mff k was awarded british safety council international safety award 2017 with distinction
lt hydrocarbon engineering s modular fabrication facilities yard received merit certificate from british safety council for 2014
lt earthmover news october december 2006
lt sells stake in jv exits dairy sinbuses
lt earthmover news april 2012
lt hydrocarbon engineering wins order valued rs894 crores
lt hydrocarbon agm notice 17 08 2016
lt earthmover news january march 2008
lt to supply rs 303 crores of critical equipment to reliance
lt hydrocarbon engineering won golden peacock occupational health safety award for 2013
lt hydrocarbon engineering led consortium secures two more orders
lt earthmover news july september 2009
lt construction wins orders valued rs 4006 crores
ultratech cemco limited
september 22 2005
pressreleaselntconstructionrs2278crsr3 19062015
pmi aeproject of the year C3 A6 award for plqp project
october 17 2007
mfypressrelease english
march 15 2007
lthe policies csr
vigil mechanism
subramanian sarma ceo md lnthydrocarbon
risk management framework
press rel ltsshf enter into technology collaboration agreement and jsw 27may2014
october 26 2005
mr am naik is business india s businessman of the year
march04 2004
lthe policies sustainability
lthe annual report 13 14
Monthly EHS Report
tamcoaward21042014 8588035318987051208
press20release20 20ltconstructionbags20order20worth20rs193720crore20order20f 8588730152548142798
mutualfundlaunch 2 release220210
may 05 2008
lttodivestplasticsmachinerybusiness 27aug2012 2 8588555480770786603
lthydrocarbonorders rs1000cr16012014
lthe csr framework
usd889millioninthehydr pr07082011
sojitz ltconsortiumsignscontractforwesterndedicatedfreightcorridorproject 8588246109729535449
pressreleaselthewins2715crorescontract 24062015
press rel lt bags usd 480 million epc orders in bangladesh for two gas based power plants
october 18 2007
march 18 2008
lthe policies gsc
ltgroupcowinssaudichemicalscontract 08may2012 8588651540363336928
terra ci 94
second prize in aebest project of the year C3 A6 contest for aromatics complex for ongc mangalore petrochemicals
pressrelease 18thoctober2014
newsnviewsoct dec2014forweb
may 15 2008
lthe csr framework[001]
vision statement
sudip banerjee appointed ceo of lt infotech
press release 14 15 and cfs ad
offshore ep development
march15 2004
lthydrocarbonbagsordersworthoverrs807cr 2
lthe annual report 2014 2015
two awards for execution of ongc C3 A6s bcp
september 21 2006
pressrelease snr 0903201220 2
petronas carigali order enlarges lt footprint in new geography
october 10 2007
may 22 2007
march 11 2008
ltrestructuresinfotechengineeringservicesbusinesses 8588539871497991827 14sep2012
lthe csrprojects2015 16[001]
ltelectricalbusinessacquiresuk basedthalestgroup 04aprev 8588680777633819054
wear plate
tribotuf 6517
september 11 2006
pressrelease ltconstructionwinsordersvaluedrs1711crore 1
organisational chart
november 05 2007
may 19 2007
lthydrocarbonwinsrs5076croreorderforkuwaitoilgasfacility 14072014 8587962731972292969
lthe csr projects
User 20manual 20for 20Candidates
strategic hse objectives lthe corporate policies 07 jan 2016
rev 1 2503croreordersegpoc 8589078341113682058
tv channel presents award for project executed for cain india
september 17 2007
press rel lt construction wins orders valued rs 2215 crores
pressrelease ltmmhwinsordersvaluedrs1507crr3 22062015
october 20 2008
paradiporder260310 r1
november 10 2008
march 31 2008
may 20 2008
ltsigns mouwitharevaforjaitapurnuclearpowerproject
manager of the year award to mr vivek bhaskar gadgil by hyderabad management association
lthe policies hse
lthe 8th agm notice 17 aug 2017
lthe csrprojects2015 16
American petroleum lnstitue
wanchi line pipe
Result 0809
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Results31122017ManIndustries Website
Man Result jun11
Notice Board Meeting
Statement of Quarterly Investor Complaints
MAN press0510
Man Result jun16
Results 31 12 2016 MIIL
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Man Result mar11
MAN press121110
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Regulation40 30092016
Notice of Board Meeting1
Man Result June10
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Man Result Sept10
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Statement of Quarterly Investor Complaints 310318
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steam heat exchanger ps
Annual Report Fy 2008
valves for heavy oil applications
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vertical monobore subsea tree br
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scaling up for ultra high pressure
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ManIndustries ACML
tbv series 3100 three piece wafer valves
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Annual Report Fy 2007
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Press Release Q3
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Model 72 Mud Gate Valve Expanded View and Bill of Material
Model DM Mud Gate Valve
Model DM Mud Gate Valve Expanded View and Bill of Material
Model HMV Mud Gate Valve
Model 72 Mud Gate Valve
Innovatum Smartsearch Passive Magnetic Tracking
Equalizing Check Valves
Cygnus Diver Digital Thickness Gauge
Circulating Sleeves
Applied Acoustics 1015 Beacon
Actuator Mounting Data
73000001 Instructions for the Safe Use of P-Quip Liner Retention Systems
34000000 Instructions for the Safe Use of P-Quip Mud Pump Rod Systems
21000000 Instructions for the Safe Use of P-Quip Valve Cover Retention Systems
10000000 Instructions for the Safe Use of P-Quip Mud Pump Rod Systems
0311 zee 50 GHS
press release300505
MTQ Horizon 9th Issue
MTQ AR 2008 2009
informativa consenso Perar Trp
GeoAcoustics 2094 Digital Dual Frequency SSS
DSI Forged Steel Valves
Corrosive Environments
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