Annual Report 2010 part 3
ASX June13 4D half year report cover sheet
ASX June 16 Half Year Media Statement & Cover Sheet
ASX DRP issue price June 14 interim div payable201014FINAL
ASX June 15 Half year result presentation cover sheet
ASX Director appointment Tansay 050411
ASX DRP Aug 14 Reactivation&Rules&SummaryQ&A
ASX Dec14 Prelim Final 4E and cover sheet
ASX Dec14 Presentation and cover sheet 2 slides to page
ASX Appendix 4D Half year report audit rpt cover sheet
asx changeboard29apr04
ASX Appendix 3B 13 Oct 2014 2014 Awards FINAL
ASX Appendix 3B 20 October 2014 FINAL
ASX AMKelly Appointment CoSec 23 Nov10
ASX Amended App3Y 030311 and covering letter
ASX ABLsecure major lime contract 241210
ASX ABL renewal SA cement supply agreement 9Dec14 FINAL
ASX ABL Land Sale update FINAL
ASX ABL Financing 7 November 2014
ASX Resolutions passed & proxy disclosure 2016 AGM FINAL
ASX 2015 AGM Proxy Disclosure 270515
ASX Penrice quarry acquisition 24 July 14 FINAL
ASX DMC & SQ acquisition completed 30 Sept FINAL
ASX Barro Appendix 3Y 100414 and cover letter
ASX Dividend Distribution June 2017 period
Piper API Ring Poster-2014
Hybrid Fluid End Breakdown
Well Service Manifold
Kobelco Welding Today Vol.19 No.3 2016
Kobelco Welding Today Vol.21 No.1 2018
Oil States Piper Valve PB Series Brochure
Efficient Inspection for Gas Pipes by Infrared Thermography
Kobelco Welding Today Vol.20 No.2 2017
Kobelco Welding Today Vol.17 No.1 2014
Cooling capacity Shaft power INTEGRAL TWO
Kobelco Welding Today Vol.18 No.1 2015
Screw redrigeration compressors
High Quality Welding Consumables Reduce Fabrication Costs
Essential Factors in Gas Shielded Metal Arc Welding
Kobelco Welding Consumables for Low-temperature Steel
KOBE STEEL GROUP Annual Report 2014
KOBELION SG series brochure Oil Flooded Screw Compressors SG15-75A SG22-75AV
Initiatives for Automotive Weight Reduction Strategy
Material Processing Technologies,Steel Wire Rod and Bar,Steel Plate and Sheet
Arc Welding of Nonferrous Metals
Hot-dipped Galvanized Steel Sheet with Special Chemical Treatment Galva-Ace Greencote® GX-GC Process
KOBELION Big Oil Flooded Compressors brochure
The ABC's of Arc Welding and Inspection
GROUP PROFILE 2015 Kobe Steel Group
Kobe Steel Welding Business (2)
Kobelco Technology Review
Oil-Free Screw Compressors General Catalog
Kobelco Welding Consmables For Stainless Steel
ARCMAN Welding System Brochure
Weld Imperfections and Preventive Measures
Arc Welding of Specific Steels and Cast Irons
Welding Handbook Kobe Steel, Ltd.
Results presentation 2017
Results for announcement to the market
Results Presentation 2016
Result Presentation 2017
bersama lingkungan
RB App 3Y disclosure 210916 FINAL
RB App 3Y disclosure 201014 DRP FINAL
RB App 3Y disclosure 150916 FINAL
RB App 3Y disclosure 7 March 2017 FINAL
RB App 3Y disclosure 21 March 2018 Final
RB App 3Y disclosure 5 June 2017 FINAL
RB App 3Y and cover letter 14 June 2018 FINAL
PUBLIC Report 2014
bersama lingkungan membangun masa depan
Proxy form for 2012 Annual General Meeting
Performance evaluation process Final webdoc 7 (reformatted)
Overview of the business
Ordinary business Financial Report
Notice of Meeting and Proxy for 2017 Annual
Annual Report PT Semen Padang 2016
Nomination, Remuneration & Governance Committee Committee Charter (29 08 2016)
Nomination, Remuneration & Governance Committee (Final Approved 19 & 20 November 2013)(reformatted)
Membership of the committee 2. Administrative
MPC ASX App 3Z disclosure 21 May 2014 Final
MD's review
Martin Brydon Appendix 3Y 290616 FINAL
Martin Brydon Appendix 3Y 9 May 2017 FINAL
Martin Brydon Appendix 3Y 7 April 2017 FINAL
Map Of Operations 2014
Map of operations
management team
Map of operations
Macquarie Australia Conference 5 May 2015
Macquarie Australia Conference 3 May 2013
Annual Report 2013
Annual Report 2014 CSR
LVH Appendix 3Y 201014
LVH Appendix 3Y 270217 FINAL
JP Morgan Australia Forum SingaporeHong Kong 19 20 March 2015
June 2015 Dividend Distribution
Joint ventures
Joint Venture operations provide an important
Annual Report 2012 page225 to252
Annual Report 2013
Investor presentation 6 August 2014
investor newsletter Oct 2017
Interim Results Summary june 2002
Investor News 2014
Initial notice of director's interest
Highlights and fi nancial summary 2013
Half Year Results June 2002
Hedging Policy (Final Feb 2008)(reformatted)
Half Year Results june 2001
Annual Report 2012 page202 to 224
Half Year Profit Report june 2001 summary
Half Year Results dec 1999
Geoff Tarrant App 3X 9 Feb 2018
GFP Appendix 3Y 010317 FINAL
Financial statements 2016
Financial statements 2015
Financial statements 2014
Financial statements
financial report2004
financial report 2003
Financial history
Finance Report 2015
Annual Report 2012 page 41 to 60
Finance report 2014
Annual Report 2012 page 28 to 40
Finance report 2013
Annual Report 2012 page 16 to 27
Finance report 2012
Finance Report
Final Results Summary
FINAL Performance Summary 2014
FINAL Information For Shareholders 2014
Final Highlight sand financial summary
Final Directors 2012
FINAL 2015 Annual Report MD&CEO review
FINAL 2015 Annual Report Performance Summary
FINAL 2015 Annual Report Information for shareholders
FINAL 2015 Annual Report Map of Operations
FINAL 2015 Annual Report Directors
FINAL 2015 Annual Report Financial History
Extraordinary General Meeting may 14th 1999
FINAL 2015 Annual Report Chairman Report
Diversity report 2015
Download Product Price Increases PDF
Annual Report 2012
Diversity Report 2013
Diversity & Inclusion Policy (approved 24 11 2015)
December 2011 full year result
December 2009 full year result
dec2000 18monthreportfinancials
Credit Suisse Annual Asian Investement Conference
Dec 2016 Dividend Distribution
Correted Dec 2016 Dividend Distribution
Corporate Governance Statement
Corporate Governance Statement
corporate governance overview
Corporate Governance
Annual Report 2011 part 2
Continuous Disclosure Policy Final webdoc 4 (reformatted)
Concrete products
Concrete and aggregates
Company profile and map of operations 2016
Company Profile
Company addresses
Combined ASX cover ltr & Dec 15 results media statement
Annual Report 2011 part 1
Code of Conduct ABL
Chief Executive Offi cer and Managing Director review
Change of Directors Interest Notice M Chellew
Change of Directors Interest Notice A Tansey
Change of Director's Interest
chairmans letter 120900
Chairman’s report 2013
Chairman’s report 2012
Chairman’s report 2011
Chairman Report 2014
Cement and Lime 2017
Cement and Lime Operations 2000
Cement and lime
Australian Shareholder Association 17 Setember 2014
Board Charter and Relationship with Management (Final Approved 24 February 2015)
Audit, Risk & Compliance Committee Charter (Final Feb 2008)(reformatted)
Australian Competition and Consumer Commission authorisation
ASX ShareTrading Policy 241210
EVRAZ Pueblo
EVRAZ Regina
Evraz Oregon Steel Locations Across North America
EVRAZ Portland
EVRAZ North America Announces New Executive Vice President for Long Products Business
EVRAZ North America Applauds CBSA Trade Investigation Initiation
ENA 80-SS Seamless Casing EVRAZ North America
EVRAZ North America Announces New Director Rod and Bar Sales
Defense Armor Plate Data Sheet EVRAZ North America
ENA Q125-HCI Seamless Casing
Edward Woodrow Evraz
Custom Plate Products EVRAZ North America
connecting with customers
Customer Newsletter Issue 2 2012 Raising the Bar on Quality
Certificates Registration ISO9001 2008
Core Values Evraz Oregon Steel
Certificate of Registration ISO TS 29001
Committed to innovation EVRAZ North AmericaFourth Quarter 2010 Newsletter
Certificate of Registration API Specification Q1
Certificate of registration ISP 9001 2008
certificate of authority to use the official API monogram 5L-0076
Certificate of Registration API Specification Q1-0295
certificate of authority to use the official API monogram 5L-0076.3
certificate of authority to use the official API monogram 5L-0509
certificate of authority to use the official API monogram 5L-0076.4
certificate of authority to use the official API monogram 5CT-0546
certificate of authority to use the official API monogram 5CT-1968
certificate of authority to use the official API monogram 5CT-0090
certificate of authority to use the official API monogram 5CT-0521
Building on our strengths EVRAZ North America
certificate of authority to use the official API monogram 5CT-0090.4
Armalloy 500HH Armor Plate EVRAZ North America
Armalloy 650UHH Armor Plate EVRAZ North America
Appliance Mercury Switches Evraz
Armalloy 440T Armor Plate
API 5CT-0521
ПОЛИТИКА ПАО МК АЗОВСТАЛЬ в области энергоменеджмента
API Casing Color Codes.pdf
Renewal Steel Mill Facility and Process Approval
Титульний аркуш
recognition certificate for manufacturer
Кодекс этики
Certificate of Authority to use the official API monogram 2H-0009
Particulars of approval
Certificate material manufacturer
Certificate of Approval of manufacturers of materials
Approval of manufacturing process
Certificate ISO 9001 2015 Management system
ABS Certificate of Quality Assurance System Approval
A High Strength Aluminum Alloy for Automobile Suspension Forgings
AnnuAl report 2009 in mining And iron ore Public Joint Stock Company Azovstal
Development of New Hybrid Excavator
Super High Strength Valve Spring Steel with Excellent Fatigue and Sag Resistance
New Process for Reclaiming Test Wafers without Copper Contamination
Developments and Future Trends in Copper Alloy Strip for Electronic Equipment and in Copper Tube for Air Conditioners
The Past and Future of High-strength Steel for Valve Springs
Developments and Future Trends in Aluminum Products with Improved Surface Functions
The Evolution of Near-net-shape Ring-rolling Processes for Large Rings Made of Ti-6Al-4V
The Development of Functional Thin Films and Sputtering Target Materials for Electronic Devices
Development of Winches with Wet-type Multi-disk Brakes
The Development of Standard KOBELIONTM-VSVX Series Screw Compressor
High Performance Large Class Oil-free Screw Compressor
The Development of New High-strength Steel Sheets for Automobiles
Technical Developments and Recent Trends in Crankshaft Materials
High Pressure Oil-flooded EH Series Screw Compressors
Developments in Superconducting Wires and Magnets
Current and Future PVD systems and Coating Technologies
Cryogen-free Superconducting Magnet
Municipal Solid Waste and Persistent Organic Pollutants Treatment Systems
Gas Energy Recovery Radial Turbine Generator System
Energy Saving System for Crawler Cranes
Technology for Improving Reliability of Oil-flooded Screw Compressors
KOBE STEEL’s High Performance Copper Alloy Strips for Terminals and Connectors
Overview of Market for Direct Reduced Iron
The Development of New Iron Making Processes
A New Copper Alloy, CAC5, with Excellent Stress Relaxation Resistance for Automotive Electrical Connectors
Development of Automatic Welding System for Crane Latticed Booms
Single Layer Al-Ni Interconnections for TFT-LCDs Using Direct Contacts with ITO and a-Si
Characteristics of 780MPa and 980MPa Grade Hot Hot-dip Galvannealed Steel-sheets
The Development of an 8 tonne Class Hybrid Hydraulic Excavator SK80H
Kobelco Eco-Solutions
Development Trends of Soft Magnetic Iron
Simulation and Evaluation Technique for Power System and Related Energy Saving on Hydraulic Excavator
The Combined Effect of Pre-straining and Pre-aging on the Bake-hardening Behavior of Al-Mg-Si Alloy for Automobile Body Panels
Characteristics of Brittle Crack Arrest Steel Plate for Large Heat-input Welding for Large Container Ships
Effect of Alloying Elements on Machinability and Hot Workability of α-β Titanium Alloy Containing Fe and C
Welding Consumables for LNG Storage Tanks
Development of Aluminum Alloy Extrusion Products with Improved Vehicle Energy Absorption
Cycle Gas Compressor for Polyolefin, DH series
Ultra-High-Strength, Quench-type, Hot-Rolled Steel Sheets of 1,620MPa Grade for Automobile Door Impact Beams
High-quality Work Roll Manufacturing Technology Using New Electro Slag Remelting (ESR)
Effect of Steel Toughness on Brittle Crack Arrest Behavior of T-weld Joint Structure Using Thick Plates
Micro Steam Energy Generator
KOBELCO Large-sized SK3500D Demolition Machine
Newly Developed Iron-based Powder Mixture, Highdensity SEGLESS, for High Density Compaction
Inverter-motor Driven, Water-injected, Oil-free Screw Air Compressor, EmerauDe-Aqua Series
Additional Information on KCHM
Development History of Wire Rods for Valve Springs
High-pressure 100 barG Oil-flooded Screw Compressor
World's Largest Capacity Oil-free Screw Compressor, MODEL KS80
Kobe Steel's Consolidated Financial Results for the First Nine Months of Fiscal 2017 (April 1 – December 31, 2017)
Report on investigation into the causes of the Kobe Steel Group’s improper conducts and on measures to prevent recurrence
The Latest Trends in Aluminum Alloy Sheets for Automotive Body Panels
Characteristics of Highly Formable 590-980MPa Grade Hot-dip Galvannealed Steel Sheets for Automobiles
Demonstration of Upgraded Brown Coal (UBC) Process by 600 tonnesday Plant
Formability of TRIP Type Banitic Ferrite Steel Sheet
Dissimilar Metal Joining Technology Using Newly Developed Aluminum Flux-Cored Wire (FCW) to Join Aluminum Alloy and Steel
A Technology for Manufacturing Magnesium Alloy Components with Excellent Heat Resistance
Global e-learning System for Technical Support Engineers
Integrally Geared Centrifugal Compressors for Highpressure Process Gas Services
Prospects for Coal-based Direct Reduction Process
Ultra-low Noise Hydraulic Excavators Using a NewlydevelopedCooling System (iNDr)
Influence of Ti Precipitate in Carburizing Steel Containing Boron
Effects of Ca Addition on Formation Behavior of TiN Particles and HAZ Toughness in Large-Heat-Input Welding
Nb3Sn Wire Technology for High-field Superconducting Magnet
Highly SCC Resistant 7000-series Aluminum Alloy Extrusion
Welding Consumables for Bridges
Advanced Techniques for Analyzing Corrosion Resistance of Steels for Infrastructure
Energy Saving Air-Separation Plant Based on Exergy Analysis
Welding Consumables for Automobile
Machining Technology for Large Impellers of Centrifugal Compressors
Welding Consumables for Stainless Steel Overlay Welding
LNG Vaporizer for LNG Re-gasification Terminal
Features of FASTMET Process Kobe Steel, Ltd.
Kobe Steel's Original Titanium Alloys Developed in the Past 20 Years
904L Type Flux Cored Wire DW-A904L
Fabrication and Properties of Forged Rings made of Modified 9Cr-1Mo-V Steel for High-temperature and Highpressure Reactor
Martensitic Steel Sheets of 1300 and 1500MPa Grades
Characteristics of 1180MPa Grade Cold-rolled Steel Sheets with Excellent Formability
Efficient Electrogas Arc Welding Process SEGARCTM SG-2Z-CE
Mechanical and Tribological Properties of DLC Films for Sliding Parts
Welding consumables for Offshore structures
Low Alloy Steel for Fracture Splitting Connecting Rod
Microchannel Reactor (Stacked Multi-Channel Reactor SMCR®) for Bulk Chemical Industry
High Heat-transfer Titanium Sheet-HEET for Heat Exchangers
Surface Treatment Technologies of Aluminum Alloy for Automobiles
Wire Rods and Bars Specification Tables
Application of Aluminum Extrusions to Automotive Parts
Air-sourced 90℃ Hot Water Supplying Heat Pump HEM-90A
Steel Sheets for Highly Productive Hot Stamping
KOBELCO Pelletizing Process
High efficient vertical up welding process SEGARC × Flux Cored Wire
The Effect of the Extrusion Temperature on the Recrystallization Textures of an Extruded AA6005C Alloy
Mine-mouth Power Generation System Based on Upgraded Brown Coal (UBCⓇ)
Ultra High Current GMAW Process
Latest Technology in Welding Equipment for High-heat-input
Highly Heat-Resistant Aluminum Alloy KS2000
Beneficiation Plants and Pelletizing Plants for Utilizing Low Grade Iron Ore
Application of Coke Oven Gas to MIDREX Process
Cold Rolled Ultra High-Tensile Strength Steel Sheet
A Basic Study of Dynamic Recrystallization in Cu-Sn-P Alloy for High Strength Copper
Products Spotlight Vol.12 No
Effects of Post Weld Heat Treatment (PWHT) Temperature on Mechanical Properties of Weld Metals for High-Cr Ferritic Heat-Resistant Steel
Site Flatness Measurement System with Accuracy of Sub-nanometer Order for Silicon Wafer
Manufacturing Technology of Diffusion-bonded Compact Heat Exchanger (DCHE)
Evolutionary Welding Process for Galvanized Steel Sheets
Chromate-free, environment-friendly GALVANIZED STEEL SHEETS
Amorphous Oxide Semiconductor Adopting Backchannel-etch Type Thin-film Transistor
Evaluation of Spontaneous Combustion in Stockpile of Sub-bituminous Coal
Low Loss Reactor Comprising Dust Core and Copperbelt Coil
Technologies for Process Design of Titanium Alloy Forging for Aircraft Parts
Low Spatter, Fume and High Efficiency CO Gas Shielded Arc Welding
New Roll-to-Roll Sputtering System for Wide Film and Application Examples
Recent Development of High-strength and Tough Welding Consumables for Offshore Structures
Development and Practical Application of a Sound Absorbing Panel Using Microperforated Aluminum for Shinkansen Tunnel Entrance Hoods
Development of Steel Castings and Forgings for Vessels
Kobelco Welding Today Vol.15 No.2 2012
WELDINGWEL DI Vol.13 No.2 2010
Hermetically Sealed Package
Kobelco Welding Today Vol.20 No.1 2017
Eco Kyuon Microperforated Sound Absorbing Panel
Welding Consumables for Shipbuilding
Kobelco Welding Today Vol.16 No.3 2013
Experimental Production, Evaluation and Analysis Technologies for Li-ion Secondary Batteries
Kobe Steel's Cold-rolled steel sheet
Kobe Steel Group Main Operating Locations Overseas
Cobra-General Catalog
Tubing Head Spools
Topguard Kelly-BTG
Tees, Crosses and Elbows
Tree Caps and Tubing Head Adapter