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Agriculture Product Guide
RIG#11 IDECO E2100
politica QHSE
Maintenance Service
Interational Well Contol Forum
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API Specification Q1 Certificate
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ISO9001&AS9100Rev Ccertification
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Monogram Certificate al rashed engineering
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ISO 9001 al rashed engineering 01
API Spec Q1 al rashed engineering
This is to certify that the Quality Management System of OT Industries 03
2007 IADC Contractor of the Year Mark Burns honored for remarkable contributions to industry
2001 OTC A high-impact program
100-level 3D, walkaway VSPs completed in Oman
10 tips to improve drilling fluid performance
3-year study by UK regulators concludes industry must increase focus on asset integrity
3 firms get IADC N Sea Chapt endorsements
Third Generation Offshore Gulf Man Rider 2500 lb (1136 kg) capacity Drill Quest
master driller hole opener
Hydromatic And Hydrotarder Auxiliary Brakes Drill Quest
Engine Test [24Z03338] Drill Quest
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BFL912913C series air-cooling diesel engine generator group Reference Data
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Super Roller Chains
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Stainless Steel Chains 0from SS to SSS
Sintered Steel Bushing SLR Double Pitch Roller Chains[001]
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Sintered Steel Bushing SLR ANSI Standard Roller Chains 0T.S[001]
Sintered Steel Bushing SLR ANSI Standard Roller Chains 0C.S[001]
Sintered Steel Bushing SL Double Pitch Roller Chains[001]
Sintered Steel Bushing SL ANSI Standard Roller Chains[001]
Sintered Steel Bushing HB type Hollow Pin Chains Sintered Steel
Side Bow Double Pitch Chains Side Bow Chains
Roller Chain Quick Selection Chart
Oil Field Chains
Nickel Plated Double Pitch Roller Chains
NEW ROLLER CHAIN has up to 25% Higher Working Loads With big
Maintenance Free Roller Chains 02
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Heavy Series Roller Chains 0H Series
Ecological BS Style Roller Chains
Double Pitch Roller Chains 0Drive Series Transmission series
Double Pitch Attachment Chains
Double Capacity Chains 02
BS Standard Roller Chains
BS Standard Attachment Chain
ANSI Straight Sidebar Chains
ANSI Standard Attachment Chain 02
2007 SPE IADC Drilling Conference
2006 Chairman looks to membership diversity to further empower IADC
2000 ASP statistics show safety still a challenge
100% core recovery over 3 runs in horizontal well marks a first on Petrobras’ Bonitas field
6 tips to improve safety of rigging, lifting operations
3 IADC members receive Exemplary Service Awards at ’06 Annual Meeting
VictoriaVI Vessel's description Drill Quest
Spinning Wrench Drill Quest
Mud Pumps Drill Quest
Inspection Certificate Tenaris NKK Tubes
Hole Opener Drillquest
Flockingsystem MDFU 3000 F
Drill Quest Rentals
Chassis Mounted Acid Pumping Unit CMAP8000 Drill Quest
Cardwell KB200C Drill Quest
asshipped[8rm00536] Drill Quest
8 SLICK DC JOINT Length 27.7”
Acquisition of Shares in Mahindra Conveyor Systems
2008 Financial Statement Data
Top Roller Chains
Strength of Connecting Link High Quality Roller Chain Made in
Stainless Steel Hollow Pin Chains Double Pitch Stainless Steel
Stainless Hollow Pin chains
Sintered Steel Bushing SLR Double Pitch Roller Chains
Sintered Steel Bushing SLR BS Standard Roller Chains
Sintered Steel Bushing SLR ANSI Standard Roller Chains 0T.S
Sintered Steel Bushing SLR ANSI Standard Roller Chains 0C.S
Sintered Steel Bushing SL Double Pitch Roller Chains
Sintered Steel Bushing SL ANSI Standard Roller Chains
Side Roller Chains
Selection Of Roller Chain
Powerful Performance
Oil Field Chains 0Heavy Series
Nickel Plated ANSI Chains
Maintenance Free Roller Chains
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Frequently Asked Question regarding Roller Chains
Double Pitch Roller Chains (Conveyor Series)
Double Pitch Hollow Pin Chains Hollow Pin Chains
Double Capacity Chains
BS Straight Sidebar Chains
BS Standard Roller Chains 02
AQUA Proof Roller Chains 0AP Series
ANSI Standard Roller Chains
For Exxon retiree Leon Robinson, drilling continues to be an addictive fascination he just can’t quit
Finally, the truth about drill string hardbanding
Evolving Frontiers DrillingContractor
Drilling equipment promotes safety and efficiency DrillingContractor
Drilling Engineering Assocation opens opportunities to take part in cutting-edge technology research
Drilling contractor uses coloring book to take safety message home to employees’ families
Drilling business looks healthy for next 5 years
Drilling & Completion TECH DIGEST OTC EDITION
Driller's Method vs Wait and Weight Method One offers distinct well control advantages
Diversity of North Sea drilling market means no silver bullet will unlock remaining reservoirs
Despite global recession, Petrobras pushes ahead to develop prized pre-salt discoveries
Design criteria, planning critical for successful deepwater well testing in HPHT developments
Deepwater cement design optimized for record-length expandable liner in Gulf of Mexico
Deep drilling requires correct execution for success
Cultivating employee competence Rowan takes journey that begins with the end in mind
Cross Index of Products & Services Offered by IADC Associate Members
Coordinated displacement technology leads to improved wellbore clean-up, reduced costs
Contractors ordering offshore rigs on speculation
Comparison of reservoir knowledge, drilling benefits and economic advantages of UB, MP
Company initiatives show drilling industry is taking environmental commitment to heart
Combining casing drilling, rotary steerable proves effective in directional application
Circulation sub development brings prospect of totally clean completions closer to reality
Changing the look and feel of UBD requires industry to break out of conventional thinking
Challenges evolve for directional drilling through salt in deepwater Gulf of Mexico
Case study Health programme improves personnel fitness, morale on Grand Banks
Canadian drillers wait for strong'08 as activities slow down even ahead of spring 'hibernation'
Bureaucratic obstacles complicate moving of highly automated rigs into Australia
Building a global career around a global business
Brazil cases demonstrate LWD advancements in deepwater pressure measurement service
BP announces 16th discovery in Block 31 offshore Angola
Bit Technology, Tubulars I, Geomechanics 2007 SPE IADC Drilling Conference
Beating the learning curve in extended reach wells
As Pemex looks to projects in deeper waters, it must vie with tight floater demand worldwide
Are permanent magnet drilling motors the next generation Manufacturers still disagree
API RP 2SK Stationkeeping an emerging practice for moored MODUs in GOM hurricanes
Annual IADC ASP report indicates drilling industry's LTI rate reached record low in 2006
An ultra-high torque connection uses a double start thread that reduces the number of revolutions to assemble the connection by 50%.
American reality TV show doesn't come close to portraying the reality of industry's rigs
After 3 years of building and billions invested, effective offshore rig count is up by only 19
Aerated fluids drilling used in Philippines field to minimize well interference while infill drilling
Forecast rosy for deepwater gulf of mexico as jackups cope with wilting shelf market
Advanced technology makes new use of age-old drilling fluid agent
Finding the people we need, the solutions we need
Acoustic telemetry, with multiple nodes in drillstring, used to achieve distributed MWD
Exploration industry forecast to decline as field development, appraisal drilling dominate
Abu Dhabi NDC works to drill smarter, expand fleet with refurbishment-upgrade programme
Environmentally friendly drilling targets responsible operations in sensitive locations
A whipstock system uses the conveyance method of coiled tubing to create a casingliner window.
Drilling Middle East shows role of drilling in region
A new Gulf of Mexico
Drilling Engineering Association joint industry projects investigate host of drilling challenges
2015 IADC MEMBERSHIP DIRECTORY Contractor Headquarters
Drilling contractors deliver safety performance improvements through leadership, cultural change
2010 Offshore Technology Conference 3-6 May
Drilling Contractor information
Drilling and testing of an HPHT deep gas prospect from an existing well case history
Drilling & Completion TECH DIGEST OTC EDITION (2)
Drill pipe and drill DrillingContractor
Diamond Offshore announces new drilling contracts
Design evolution of a subsea BOP
Deepwater spending to rise fast over next 5 years; shallow water to decline slightly
Deep Water Drilling Contractor
DC report to take a global look at the drilling industry’s global market; IADC' 08 chairman-elect speaks out
Crown DBL has fresh outlook on S La land market
Creating oil patch professionals Training standards in development to give workers deserved recognition
Contractors see challenges ahead in European operations but believe in strength of drilling market
Contract drilling is a tough, cyclical business, but for Moe Plaisance of Diamond, nothing’s more fulfi lling
Company taking aerospace alloys to oil,gas
Commissioning of BP's record-setting Atlantis platform completed
CNPC tours Diamond Offshore training facility
Chevron completes deepest successful well test in GOM as Jack, Kaskida push Lower Tertiary trend higher
Challenging ultra-deepwater frontiers beckon for well construction, completion technology
Casing Drilling improves mature field production, eliminates fluid losses, directionally drills wells
Case study Critical well data go unanalyzed, leading to fatal shallow gas blowout on land
Caesium formate brines used as workover, suspension fluids in HPHT field development
Building on success, the evolution of the Development Driller class semisubmersibles
Building a common culture for employees is a long process requiring open communication
BP makes 15th discovery in ultra-deepwater Angola block
Both land and offshore rigs get extensive upgrades
BHP Billiton-operated rigs set benchmarks for subsalt, deepwater drilling in Gulf of Mexico
Automated drilling and real-time drilling process monitoring optimize RSS underreamer technology
Artificial buoyant seabed aids deepwater E&P
Applications of new managed pressure system in Brazil, S. Texas prove capability, repeatability
Apache's Theo 3-H horizontal well offshore Australia flows 9,694 bblsday
Angola Block 31 developments get green light
An evolutionary well construction system uses close clearance flush jointed cased and cemented liners from top to bottom to form the entire well.
Alphabetical listing of IADC drilling contractor menbers DrillingContractor
Africa's Atlantic Frontier
Advances in composite drilling components lead to evaluation for critical E&P applications
Activity, dayrate outlook remains mixed for US land drillers faced with softening prices, stacked rigs, more newbuilds
Access to western lands is a key element in good US energy policy
Absence of fatalities in blowouts encouraging in MMS study of OCS incidents 1992-2006
A riserless mud recovery system was fieldtested as part of the Norwegian DEMO2000 programme and has seen operational service in a Casian Sea drilling campaign.
2013 IADC MEMBERSHIP DIRECTORY Contractor Headquarters
2012 IADC Membership Directory
2009 SPEIADC Drilling Conference DrillingContractor
Multifunctional rack and pinion technology takes shape in oilfield as versatile, mobile rigs
MPD techniques address problems in drilling Southeast Asia’s fractured carbonate structures
Modular MDDM top drive designed to cut time for change outs, slash failures
MMS names National SAFE finalists; winners to be announced during OTC event
Mideast rig activity Stable onshore, mixed offshore
Microhole coiled tubing drilling concept applied to mature Niobrara gas play in Kansas, Colorado
May June DC to emphasize rig market, industry outlook for both offshore, onshore
Many factors are involved to properly size mud gas separator, or gas buster, systems
Managing beyond zero how to sustain an HSE program near ultimate goal of zero incidents
Maersk Drilling launches Green Rig project
Looking into the future with Ray Brazzel, Bandera Drilling
LOI signed for Noble Jim Day; Noble Johnnie Hoffman no LTI in 12 years
Liner drilling technology being prepared for offshore
Lifting Safety Inexperienced employees, deepwater,subsea projects push lifting challenges to new heights
Lessons learned on sand control failure, workover at Magnolia deepwater development
Latest equipment technologies on new rigs emphasize safety, performance, efficiency
Kuwait Oil Co designs, builds semi-automated 3,000-hp rig to tap deep HPHT resources
Kenai Drilling Limited makes its living in niche jobs
KCA DEUTAG, Bentec unveil new rig design
JIP investigates What really happens to high-strength drill pipe after exposure to sour gas environment
James Justiss receives API Gold Medal for service, leadership
INTEQ magnetic resonance LWD tool successfully measures T2 for the first time
Insurance A Necessity for Drilling Contractors
Innovative systems enhance ability to achieve selective isolated production in horizontal wells
Innovative filtration process for well clean-up fluids reduces amount of water-based waste
Innovations in MWDLWD and drill pipe technologies address key operator concerns and needs, put previously impossible wells into reach
Industry learning centers collaborate as IFECM to improve E&P image through education
In workover and well-servicing situations, well control commands special considerations
MPD with DAPC system proves successful on Auger TLP redevelopment program in GOM
Improved top drive systems boost reliability, push capacity limits DrillingContractor
MPD planning How much is enough
IMO, EPA pose regulatory challenges for offshore
Modified automated pressure-control technology offers smaller footprint for land MPD operations
'Mixed fleet' approach to land drilling allows rigs, big or small, to perform in optimum range
IADC UBO guidelines accepted as API RP92U
Middle East's critical energy industry evolves under market influences, geopolitical changes
IADC Technology Meet held in Vizag on India’s east coast
IADC prepares the latest in drilling contract forms
Mesophase technology leads to new fluids for cased hole remediation, optimized displacement
Marathon, partners adapt RFID technology for downhole drilling, completion applications
IADC operations staff leads the way to an improved global drilling industry
Managing retrieval of triple-zone intelligent completions in offshore extended-reach well
IADC Global Rig Finder Quick Guide to IADC Contractors & Rigs Worldwide
IADC European Basic Offshore Safety course debuts to success
MaerskDrilling''sClausHemmingsen Global Perspective, Engaged Approach Drilling Contractor
IADC Connection Wirelines
Low-emissions generator uses catalyst system to reduce NOx, meet regulatory standards
Looking into the future with Sami Iskander, Schlumberger
IADC Board of Directors elects 2007 officers
Looking into the future with David Payne, Chevron
Hydraulic fracturing Overview, trends, issues
Logging-while-drilling in cased hole to validate top of cement saving days of rig time deepwater gulf of mexico case studies
Hughes Christensen PDC bits set field record in Mexico’s challenging southeast marine region
Lightweight, ultra-high-strength drill pipe may meet demands of ERD, critical deep drilling
HPHT operations pose escalating challenges for operators, suppliers DrillingContractor
Lessons of Katrina, Rita, Ivan bear fruit in GOM for offshore industry facing wrath of Dean
High-torque top drives enhance drilling in shallow, long-reach horizontal and deep vertical wells
High-strength, thin-wall, all-steel drill pipe may provide solution for ultra-extended-reach wells
Land drilling innovations
Hercules Offshore streamlines training program, empowers employees to be safety heros
Killing blowout caused by illegal oil bunkering involves more unknowns, special challenges
KCA DEUTAG’s Chur elected 2006 IADC Chairman, Transocean’s Long is Vice Chair
Headquarter Locations of IADC Contractor Members
Hands-on learning must play big part in fall protection training, especially as newhires enter a busy industry
Joint TOTAL, Sperry project targets development of MWD system for up to 450°F
H&P builds advanced-technology training curriculum for advanced-technology FlexRig employees
Japan Drilling ready for major expansion with new jackup, semi upgrade, Qatar joint venture
Global Marine’s Safety FOCUS shows good results
Is the Gulf of Mexico the dead sea Not by a long shot, judging from operator investments
Intelligent wells can improve reservoir performance
Gas broach leads to unique relief well intervention to protect production platform
Innovative, application-specific drill bit designs prove value, help operators set drilling records
Innovative method used to create new platform slot
Innovative casing drive system may help improve safety for crews working from heights
Industry must stay on alert with safety, well control training
Industry gets ready for 2007 hurricane season as mooring JIP nears completion, API guide updated
In drilling contractoroperator relationships
Improved design processes allow bits to fit specific applications, set new drilling records
IADCConnections Three receive Distinguished Service Awards
IADC to use DNV's worldwide network to expand audits
IADC SCA Chapter marks 10 years of successes
IADC owes Mike Roth & his dad
IADC monitors regulations affecting offshore
IADC European HSE Conference set for 14-15 Oct
IADC Ethics and Corporate Compliance Committee leads way to higher standards
IADC Board of Directors promotes operations personnel
Hurricanes impact US Gulf drilling activity, but market conditions are strengthening
HSET Conference set for 3-4 February in Houston
How to define drillstring specification maximizing safety, performance in sour service environments
High-temperature diagnostics-while-drilling system provides data on drilling dynamics
Highly automated drilling fluids system improves HSE and efficiency, reduces personnel needs
Heavy duty jackup rigs are versatile and capable
Have a near miss Cut a finger Report it & build a safer work place
Halliburton's next generation LWD sensors read faster, clearer and deeper into formation
Global market pushes mature North Sea into new era
Global E&P and drilling activity outlook is bright, even with lower commodity prices
Geomechanics DrillingContractor
Zero spill technology ensures upstream HSE results
World's first Level 6 intelligent completion drilled
World Drilling 2002 looks at enhancing operations
World's first subsea facility to separate, inject water, sand from wellstream goes on-stream at Tordis field
World’s first solid expandable monobore liner extension installed in southeast Oklahoma well
With sustained commitment to West Africa, TOTAL aims for ‘routine’ deepwater drilling
Working the pore pressure puzzle DrillingContractor
WellCAP, RIG PASS ensure proficiency
Well control specialists face new generation of challenges in HPHT, deepwater, personnel gap
West Navion faced several challenges on Qullec-1
Weatherford has record completion
Well intervention system works the smart way
VetcoGray converts mudline exploration system to wellhead subsea system
Well control modeling is effective tool to manage risk and make critical decisions
Weatherford completes 100th DDV installation
Utilization rates worldwide hover near 100%; offshore rig demand looks strong into 2014
Varel bit design enhances hydraulic flow to improve ROP in Barnett Shale lateral drilling
Use of a Micro Flux Control method could offer a better way to address kick detection in oil- and synthetic-based fluids.
Unique fire prevention training facility underscores hands-on firefighting exercises, teamwork-building
Updated ANZI standards require industry to use stronger fall protection equipment
Underbalanced drilling of oil wells in Saudi Arabia case history and lessons learned
Understanding pressure is key to avoiding well control issues in Duri steam flood
Tullow announces discovery offshore Ghana near Jubilee
Turbine technology innovations may enhance operator ability to tap reservoirs below 15,000 ft
Top drives have transformed drilling; now, new design aims to push ultra-deep, ERD applications
Travelers Insurance gets proactive with well control training
Thru-tubing intervention benefits a range of wells
There's no substitute for the drilling contracting business
Titanium-based hardbanding aims to balance protection for wear in casing, tool joints
Tests undertaken to explore applications of 125 ksi SMYS casing in sour environments
Through tubing drilling on N Cormorant cuts costs
Taking another look at the risk profile for air drilling in presence of hydrocarbons
Telemetry strings, hardware reliability and trasmission capabilities update and outlook
System uses downhole data to make operations smarter, reduce job time for well intervention
Tahiti field requirements prompt development of ultra-high pressure completion tubular
Swellable packers provide breakthrough in Saudi Arabian horizontal slim-hole well
Synthetic-based fluid with constant rheology reduces downhole losses in deepwater operations
Statoil uses flotation of 10 ¾-in. liner to reach beyond 10 km in Gullfaks Field
Subsea test valve in modified BOP cavity may help to minimize cost of required BOP testing
SPEIADC 105854 A metal-to-metal sealing technology uses expanding metal to form a high-integrity pressure seal.
Stakeholders must understand, share asset integrity responsibilities, Dutch regulators say
SPEIADC 105065 Previous models have focused on the drilling contractor and production manning levels on the platform at Oseberg East.
SPEIADC 105822 Casing installation technology using a new-generation top
sound contracting practices
SPEIADC 104747 Three major projects have been performed with a new rigless intervention system.
Soaring drilling activities in Middle East drive up personnel and rig shortages, equipment costs
Sondex MAPS DrillingContractor
Smith Bits'IDEAS platform provides dynamic model to optimally design, test drill bits
Simplifying MPD Historical, manual methods to control annular pressure can be effective
Short-radius drilling a decade of development
Shallow water discoveries gaining importance, add to offshore Brazil's already hectic activities
SE Asia rig demand and dayrates continue to soar, future opportunities remain strong
Seismic while drilling keeps bit turning to right while acquiring key real-time data
Scandrill expanding its land rig fleet with several new rigs for delivery in 2006
Sand control technology enhanced to fit complex deepwater, deep-shelf operations
Sakhalin-1 project offshore Russia reaches targeted peak production rate
RPM has been neglected as a significant influence on steerability. A new study investigated the effects of RPM and ROP on build rate.
Rotary steerable systems prove value offshore Indonesia, offshore Libya, in Gulf of Mexico
Rotary steerable technology driving ambitious well designs, need for ever-higher ROPs
ROTARY STEERABLE DrillingContractor
Risks aren't new to industry, but in deepwater, strategic management becomes critical
Risk assessment, kick modeling mitigate well control risk events in complex operations
Rig design philosophy key for harsh-environment drilling in Barents Sea, Haltenbanken area
ReedHycalog taking holistic approach to mitigating drilling vibrations to reduce NPT
Reservoir, drilling and real-time technologies increase Saudi Aramco reserves, production
ReedHycalog rig census shows a stable US fleet
ReedHycalog rig census confirms significant fleet size, utilization gains in US, Canada