Permalok Engineering Services1
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Permalok AB Joint AD Rev 2
PCCP Main Rehab with Steel Slipliner 2013
Parkersburg Plant HR Generalist 5 2016
NWP Joints
NWP Eng Steel Pipe Brochure
NW Pipe Company Investor Relations News Release
Northwest Pipe Company Elevates Montross to Chief Executive Officer
Northwest Pipe Announces Harry L. Demorest Has Joined Its Board of Directors
Municipal Water Leader July August2015 RELINE SLIPLINE
Mobile Mechanic Posting 06 2018
Mill Welder Posting
Large Diam Pipe Corrosion Control State of the Art 2013
Lake Texoma Outfall Water Pipe Fast Paced Large Diam Project 2014
Laborer Posting
Laborer PDX July 2018
JournalAWWA July2015 RelineMWDSC highRes
Journal AWWA July2015
Joint Weld After Backfill for Welded Steel Pipe 2013
Joint Integrity in Plastic Pressure Pipe in Municipal 2010
Joint Integrity in Cementitious and Metallic Pressure Pipe 2010
Innovative Joint Successful in Slipline 2011
Innovative Joint for 84 inch Water Transmission Line 2014
Flange Joints Avoiding Installation Pitfalls 2014
Fabrication Supervisor APR 26 2018
External Corrosion on Steel and Ductile Iron 2005
Evaluation of Soil Pipe Friction with Coated Steel 2013
Earnings Release
Dieletric Coated Spiral Pipe in Horizontal Drilling 2004
Denver Water Assessment of Interior Polyurethane Coating 2011
Davis Woodland Water Supply
Corrosion Protection with Ferrous Water 2004
Corrosion Control Linings and Coatings NWP Brochure
Corporate Cost Accounting Manager April 2016
Coating Adhesion on Cylindrical Steel Pipelines 2012
AWWA C200 Steel Water Pipe Standard Improvements 2013
Asset Management Strategies for Metallic Pipes 2006
Admin HR Asst Portland 07.2017
Adhesion Test for Coatings on Large Pipes Failure Variations 2014
ADE Welder July 2018
ADE Laborer July 2018
Accounts Payable Specialist I Posting 07.2018
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Square Billets
Scope of approval
Rustavi Steel LLC Slag
Rehabilitation of Large Diameter PCCP 2012
Quality Manager Portland Posting 2017
QA Radioscopic Inspector 2018
QA Inspector Posting
Public Infrastructure Maintenance Long term perspective 2006
PT Maintenance Clerk 06 2018
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Provo Canal Enclosure Longest Poly Lined and Coated Steel in North America 2012
Provo Canal Enclosure Geotech Challenges 2013
Providing Indefinite Life for Municipal Metallic Transmission Pipe 2007
Project Manager Saginaw
Project Manager Mar 2018
Portland Plant HR Manager 08 2015
Plant Manager Jan 2018 St. Louis
Pipe Zone Bedding and Backfill Flexible Pipe 2010
Permalok Type HDD Profile
Permalok T7 Profile
Permalok T5 Profile
Permalok Steel Casing Pipe Specs
bch valves type 5 f08
bch valves type 5 f07
bch valves type 5 f06
bch valves type 5 f05
bch valves type 5 f04
bch valves type 5 f03
bch valves type 5 f02
bch valves type 5 f01
bch valves type 5 f00
bch valves type 5 b60
bch valves type 5 b59
bch valves type 5 b58
bch valves type 5 b57
bch valves type 5 b56
bch valves type 5 b55
xpcm specification sheet
Pipe Cleaning Machine 5000
design 12
design 10
design 05
design 04
design 03
design 02
design 01
комплекс KSP Steel
This is to certify that KSP Steel
KSP Steel
KSP Steel (2)
Kosmonavtov Street Pavlodar Kazakhstan
ISO 14001 KSP Steel
ISO 9001 KSP Steel
Hot Rolling Line
Heat Treatment Lines
Finishing Lines for Tubing and Casing
API Spec Q1 KSP Steel
Vancouver BC Water Filtration and Steel Pipe 2007
TrenchlessTechnology January2015
Suggested Specs Brochure
Steel Water Pipe Joint Testing 2006
Steel Making Advancements 2006
Spiral Repair Welder Posting
Shipping Receiving Assistant July 2018
Seismic design of buried steel water pipelines 2014
San Diego Aqueduct Protection Program since 1992 2014
Sales Representative January 2018 Midwest Region
SAG QC In Process Inspector June 2018
SAG Mill Op May 2018
SAG End Prep May2018
Rigid and Flexible Pipes Trenchless Nov2010
Swing Check Valves - ASME Class 900 & 1500
Swing Check Valves - ASME Class 150,300 & 600
Stainless Steel Gate Valves - ASME Class 150 & 300
Reputed Clientele
Pressure-Temperature Ratings
Pr. Seal Bonnet Y-Globe Valves - ASME Class 1500
Pr. Seal Bonnet Gate Valves - ASME Class 900, 1500 & 2500
Ordering Information
Globe Valves ASME Class 150,300 & 600
Globe Valves - ASME Class 900 & 1500
Globe Valves - ASME Class 150,300 & 600
Gate Valves ASME Classes 150 300 & 600
Gate Valves - ASME Classes 900 & 1500
End Flange Dimensions - ASME 16.5
Cryogenic Gate Valves - ASME Classes 150, 300 & 600
Compliance Standards Body Bonnet Materials
Common Test Inspection Methods
Butt-weld End Details & Dimensions - ASME B16.5
Bonnet Gaskets
ASME B16.34 AIL Gate,Y-Globe & Swing Check Valves
API 603 AIL Stainless Steel Gate Valves
Angle Globe Valves - ASME Class 150 & 300
All Manufacturing Programme
All Gate Globe & Check Valves Bolted Bonnet Cover Design
AIL Valve Accessories
AIL Special Valves
AIL Cryogenic Gate & Globe Valves
Windlass Engineers Products
Weld neck Flange, Blind , Adapter, Companion Flanges
Swivel Joints
Steel Hose Assemblies
Ring Joint Gaskets
Remote Control Panels
Plug Valves & Check Valves
Interface Modules
Interconnect Cable Assemblies
Integral Fittings
Hydraulic Power Units
Hose Nipple Unions Integral Blind Subs
High Pressure Test Units
Hammer Unions Specifications
Hammer Seal Unions Adapters & Crossovers
Gate Valves Manifolds
Electric Motor Control System
Drilling BOP Control System
Diverter Control Panels
Custom Product Development & Contract Manufacturing
Clamps & Hubs
Chart Recorders and High Pressure Hoses
API 6A Studded Tees & Crosses
API 6A & 16A Spools and Double Syudded Adapter Flanges
Air Operated Pump Modules
Specialist Supplier of Valves and Control Products
Specialist Supplier of Oilfield Valves % Equipment
mcm centrifugal pump
Manufacture and Refurbishment of Offshore Hydraulic Systems
CORTEC Model D Compact Trunion Ball Valve
CORTEC Model B BC Compact Floating Ball Valve
CORTEC Compact Ball Valves
Compact Valves & API Flow Line Components
CMS Manifold Systems and APi Flow Line Components
TK Coporation Material Specification
Long Sweep Tee Lateral tee Long Sweep Tee with Integral Bull Plug
High Pressure Manifold Fittings Long Sweep Elbow
Hammer Unions
Full Flow Cross & Full Flow Tee
Clamp Connectors
API Flange Type 6BX Weld Neck Falnges
API Flange Type 6BX Integral Flanges
API Flange Type 6BX Blind and Test Flanges
API Flange Studded Crosses & Tees
3D Double Backed Bend Bull Plug
Wellhead Control Panels
Tharwa-Breda Selling Products
Tharwa-Breda Petroleum Services Company
Tharwa-Breda Contact Information
Quick Lock Connectors SLip lock Flanged hub
Quality & HSE
Installation Maintenance & Repair
Conventional Wellhead BSB Wellhead
Completion Systems Single Completion ESP feed-tru completion
Combination Tools & Wear Bushings Gate Valves
Welded & seamless pipe dimensions
Material Specifications
Class 1500 Flanges
Class 900 Flanges
ASME B 16.5 Forged Flanges Tolerances
AISI ASME B16.5 Class 2500 Flanges
AISI ASME B16.5 Class 600 Flanges
AISI ASME B16.5 Class 300 Flanges
AISI ASME B16.5 Class 150 Flanges
Union Nut
Safer Union
Safer Union Torque Wrench
Safer Union Bar
Safely remove the hammer from the equation
Make the safer union choice
Conventional Hammer Union Challenges
bch valves type 5 f12
bch valves type 5 f10
bch valves type 5 f09
bch valves type 5 f17
bch valves type 5 f16
bch valves type 5 f15
bch valves type 5 f14
bch valves type 5 f13
Valve Materials
Manufacturing Range
Manufacturing Range Samson Ringo
Globe Valves
Globe Valve Dimensions ANSI B16.34 BS 1873
General Valve Features
Gate Valves
Gate Valve Dimension API 600 ANSI B16, API 6D
Gate API 6A Valve Dimensions
Drive Mechanism Design
Design of the Axial Flow valve
Company Overview Ringo Spain
Codification System
Check Valves
Check Valve Dimensions ANSI B16.34 BS 1868 API 6D
Check API 6A Valve Dimensions
Cage types
Body Trim Materials
Body and Trim Design
Wellhead Control Panels
Valves Actuation
Standards & Certificates
Quam Valvole
Quam Key Points
Quam Design
Quam Choke Valves Manual
Quam Choke Valves Actuated
Manual Gate Valves
Liquid Discharge Valves
Hydraulic Power Units
Gate Valves
Choke Valves
Actuated Gate Valves
bch valves type 55 7
bch valves type 55 6
bch valves type 55 5
bch valves type 55 4
bch valves type 55 3
bch valves type 55 2
bch valves type 55 1
bch valves type 9 f11
bch valves type 9 f10
bch valves type 9 f09
bch valves type 9 f08
bch valves type 9 f07
bch valves type 9 f06
bch valves type 9 f05
bch valves type 9 f03
bch valves type 9 f02
bch valves type 9 f01
bch valves type 9 b30
bch valves type 9 b29
bch valves type 9 b28
bch valves type 9 b27
bch valves type 9 b26
bch valves type 9 b25
bch valves type 9 b24
bch valves type 9 b23
bch valves type 9 b22
bch valves type 9 b21
bch valves type 9 b20
bch valves type 9 b19
bch valves type 9 b18
bch valves type 9 b17
bch valves type 9 b16
bch valves type 9 b15
bch valves type 9 b14
bch valves type 9 b13
bch valves type 9 b12
bch valves type 9 b11
bch valves type 9 b10
bch valves type 9 b09
bch valves type 9 b08
bch valves type 9 b07
bch valves type 9 b06
bch valves type 9 b04
bch valves type 9 b03
bch valves type 9 b02
bch valves type 9 b01
bch valves type 9 a11
bch valves type 9 a10
bch valves type 9 a09
bch valves type 9 a08
bch valves type 9 a07
bch valves type 9 a06
bch valves type 9 a05
bch valves type 9 a04
bch valves type 9 a03
bch valves type 9 a02
bch valves type 9 a01
bch valves type 9 8
bch valves type 9 7
bch valves type 9 6
bch valves type 9 5
bch valves type 9 4
bch valves type 9 3
bch valves type 9 2
bch valves type 9 1
bch valves type 5 f19
bch valves type 5 f18
Weld Neck Flange
Tee Male & Female Elbow Male & Female
Ring Joint Gasket Double Studded Adapter Flange
Pup Joints Loops Swivel Joints
Lateral & WYE with Male & Female Union Ends
Hammer Unions
Blind Flange Bull Plug
Adapter Spool Spacer Spool
Adapter Flange with Union End Connection
柱塞泵 Plunger Pump
整体接头 Integral Connection
针型阀 Needle Valves
压裂车 Fracturing Truck
旋塞阀 Plug Valve
洗井车 Well Flushing Truck
离心泵 Plunger Pump
井口管汇 高压管汇撬
活动弯头 Swivel Joints
固井水泥车 Cementing Truck
单向阀 Check Valves
安全阀 Relief Valve
ispm 15 uk 2013
ispm 15 dk 2014
ispm 15 dk 2013
iso9001 certificate
iso 9001 certifikat 2013 2016
Taper Plug Valves
csa cofc 2367144 november 2010
cga t144 3002
cga t144 3001
cement industry valves
bch valves type seguro 27
bch valves type seguro 26
bch valves type seguro 25
bch valves type seguro 24
bch valves type seguro 23
bch valves type seguro 22
bch valves type seguro 21
bch valves type seguro 20
bch valves type seguro 19
bch valves type seguro 18
bch valves type seguro 17
bch valves type seguro 16
bch valves type seguro 15
bch valves type seguro 14
bch valves type seguro 13
bch valves type seguro 12
bch valves type seguro 11
bch valves type seguro 10
bch valves type seguro 09
bch valves type seguro 08
bch valves type seguro 07
bch valves type seguro 06
bch valves type seguro 05
bch valves type seguro 04
bch valves type seguro 03
bch valves type seguro 02
bch valves type seguro 01
bch valves type 55 40
bch valves type 55 39
bch valves type 55 38